Big D Ranch Inc.


7590 S. ten mile rd.

Meridian, Idaho, 83642

Prices subject to change without notice
Sales tax not included

Soft White Wheat                          
Cracked Wheat                              
Whole Corn                                   
Cracked Corn                                
Whole Barley                                 
Cracked Barley                             
DNS Wheat                                     
Cracked Peas                                
Austrian Peas                              
Hog Grower                                  
Layer Mix                                    
Beef/Goat Grower                       
Broiler Mix                                  
Sheep Grower                            
Chick Starter   
3-Way Mix   
Soybean Meal                         

"Meeting the needs of today's farmers "

Our feed is locally grown in the treasure valley.  


Feed is packaged in 50 pound poly bags.

Bulk Feed is availiable in 2,000 pound tote bags, or dumped in the back of your pickup. 1,000 pound minimum is required for bulk pricing.

All Non-GMO mixes are $1.00 more per bag


Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8-6
Saturday 9-3